Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Church of the Apostles here? What's the point? 

This all comes down to our mission statement. We exist as a community with a "commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and each other; to His word, worship, mission and people." For us, it's about Christ first and in that commitment, we seek to serve.

What are the service times?

We meet weekly on Sundays at 10AM and we hold special services on Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. These service times will be posted on the site as the seasons come. 

What about my kids?

We have a robust children's ministry! For schedules, curriculum, and more, check out our Kids page!

Is there a place for youth (grades 6-12)?

Yes! To find out more, check out our Youth page

What kind of ministries does Apostles support?

We have amazing local and international ministry partners! For more information check out our Outreach and Missions page.  

What's the order of the service?

We follow a traditional Anglican order of service, with musical worship, time in God's word, prayer, and Holy Communion. Read more about it at the bottom of our New Here Page.

What is ACNA and why does it matter?

ACNA (or the Anglican Church of North America) is the global church body of which Apostles is a part. We join over 1,000 congregations in the US, Canada and Mexico. For more about how all of this works, check out their website:

What does it mean to be a covenant member of Apostles?

Being a covenant member of Apostles means being a part of our family. For more, check out our Covenant Membership page.

If I'm not a Christian, can I be involved?

Yes, come check out our service or drop by the office anytime. We'd love to meet you and hear more about what's on your heart!

What's the best way to stay informed about Apostles?

Check the News & Events section at the bottom of the home page! And you can sign-up to receive emails here! We also make announcements and print updates in the bulletins on Sundays.

What do you believe?

Check out our Core Belief + Values section to dig into what we believe as a community. 

What should I wear? 

Come as you are - some people dress up for church and others wear work clothes. Our focus is on the attitudes of our hearts before God, not on impressing Him or anyone else with the way we look.

How do I find out if church is canceled due to weather?

In the event of extreme weather, we will post delays and/or cancellations on Connecticut TV Channels 3, 8, & 12 and on our Facebook page: We will also post weather announcements in the News & Events section on the bottom of the home page.