What We Believe

Church of the Apostles is a community in Fairfield, CT, seeking to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord with our words and in our lives. We are Evangelical, which means that we view the Bible as God’s Word and our authority for living, and we believe that people are saved from sin, death, and purposelessness through faith in Jesus Christ. We are Anglican, under the authorities of the Anglican Church of North America. Our worship is shaped by the historical and liturgical traditions of the global church. These traditions form our faith, life, and growth in relationship with the God we love. We are Missional. We pray that God always makes us a “Mark 10:45” church - not for ourselves, but for others. We want to proclaim the good news of Jesus and the coming of His kingdom in word and deed. Check out our Outreach and Missions page to see how we serve our communities.

We would love for you to join us for worship, fellowship, and community - wherever you are in your spiritual journey. For more information, please check out our Parish Profile.

Core Beliefs + Values

Our Core Beliefs

Our Christian faith has been described in detail in several historical documents, which can be found here:  

At Apostles, We Believe...

Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, for He is the only begotten Son of the Living God. 

The Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments in their entirety is God's Word, and is the standard by which we are to order our lives, express our faith and function as a community. 

That we, as part of Christ's body, His Church, are committed to worship in Word and Sacrament through the power of the Holy Spirit and within the breadth of the Anglican Tradition. 

Nothing of significance happens in God's Kingdom in the absence of prayer. Therefore, we make prayer a priority asking the Lord to lead, restore, heal and transform our lives, our churches, our communities and the world. 

Our Core Values

Our core values are the essential marks that shape our identity and guide our actions, These must be affirmed by every Covenant Member of Church of the Apostles. 

  • Commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Authority of Scripture Evangelism
  • Authentic Relationships Worship
  • Servant Ministry Sacrificial
  • Giving Biblical Leadership
  • Expectant Prayer
  • Please click here for an explanation of these values.